I have a passion for making the world a healthier and happier place. I became a Holistic Health Coach after 13 years product management and marketing experience. My holistic approach to health and wellness focuses on the concept of bio-individuality - the idea that each of us has unique food and lifestyle needs and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Not only food but all areas of life including stress, sleep, smoking and emotions, and the effect those have on weight and eating habits.

Creating the things I wish existed..

I'm Founder of Fitnotes that serve holistic health coaching and creates food, related experiences like private and fully customizable healthy food creating workshops. I'm also Reiki3 master, yoga lover, swimming and cycle enthusiast. I live in İstanbul and enjoy spending my free time going on long walks with my lovely puppy Gufi, listening to podcasts, visiting local farmer markets and believe in constantly transformation in life. My creation atelier 'Fitnotes Atelier' in Beyoğlu. We create our foods here and start to make workshops in October. You can visit Fitnotes Atelier at weekends to JUST TO SAY HELLO! So let’s connect on social media Instagram @fitnotes.co or e-mail me. hello@fitnotes.co


New Generation Healthy Living Company

Creates services where health meet with life & food.

We inspire YOU to invest your health

With holistic approach and through sustainable lifestyle and dietary changes.

We make it GET-IT-ABLE!

Healthy foods, food catering, special & private workshops & holistic health coaching.

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