A group coaching programme that aim to guide you through to experimenting new foods and changing your whole life from plate to relationships, sleep cycle to physical activity and junk to health related habits.


You’re struggling with cravings like ALL the time.


What your insatiable cravings for pizza, (or whatever!) are really telling you?


Tired of that belly hangs over your pants when you sit?


You find yourself experiencing the same weight and gut issues again and again?


You are a serial dieter hoping to get that perfect figure your whole life.


Confused about what to put on your plate and learn simple strategies to implement.


You’re labeling everything you ate healthy or unhealthy.


Conflicting health advices like being vegan or paleo? Drink Bulletproof coffee? or no caffeine at all?


How to feel energized after meals so you can focus at work and go that extra mile?


You have a feeling something deeper is going on with you.




will aim to guide you to through experimenting with new foods, learning to listen your body’s responses and showing you how happy relationships, a full-filling career, an exercise routine and a spiritual practice are more important to health than to daily diet.

When we work together, you can expect to learn, how to set a goal & change your habits in circle of life once and for all, healthy lifestyle tips so you can wake up feeling inspired and happy, how to have a happy and healthy gut, tips to satisfy your food cravings and healthy snack and meal ideas to keep on-hand.

The programme will take 21 days. After completing our programme,

all programme attendees will be my guest at Fitnotes Atelier.

We will meet to share how we change our lives and also our experiences.


We need to find out our kitchens again!

How you can learn and eat instead of cereals or packed foods if you don’t know how how the real food is prepared easily! 

A functional kitchen is the foundation for preparing great meals. You’re not gonna eat perfectly all the time. But you do have the choice to create a strong baseline and make good choices most of the time. It’s not what you eat some of that time that matters, it’s what you eat most of the time. 

And meal plans usually suck. So, we don’t do meal plans. No matter how you’re enthusiastic you are, meal plans can be tough to follow. Together we focus on making small changes and improvements to what you already, normally eat and enjoy, one small step at a time. You gonna learn how to transform your breakfast, lunch and dinner in your kitchen. 



Fitnotes Core Shopping List

Exactly what you’ll need to pick up at your supermarket or health foods store to make all of the core recipes.

Fitnotes Core Recipes

These 13 recipes are my staples, what I’m making and eating most weeks. They are easy and (most importantly) totally delicious.

Over 100% of your daily requirement for protein, essential vitamins and minerals.

More than 15 cups of leafy greens to heal your gut.

100+ disease-fighting, youth-promoting phytochemicals and antioxidants.

200% of the fiber you need daily to support digestion.

Unique ingredients for ultimate health. 

1rst HOLISTIC DETOX PROGRAMME is starting at JANUARY 6th 2019